Letters of Joy
Genaveve Starr
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  1. Inspiration
    28 Apr, 2019
    I’m often asked where I get inspiration for my works. Most often, I’m thinking of people I love, or people I admire.  Philosophical or spiritual topics motivate me to write. Nature inspires me to paint. Music inspires me to create. Color really moves me. One meaningful word can incite me to create. Discovering or designing a new tool excites me. Having a purpose or intention gets me going. Looking at artwork stimulates me. Collage ignites my imagination.
  2. In Letter Arts Review
    14 Apr, 2019
    In Letter Arts Review
    I’ve always really enjoyed seeing the works of lettering artists in the Letter Arts Review publication and for years have thought about making a contribution of my own. I was finally ready and so I submitted a few pieces to be juried for the 2019 annual edition. I am happy that one of my works was included. Entitled  “Begin Again II”, it was created using watercolor with a wooden tool I made myself. My painting style, which expresses emotion through moving color, evolved from experimenting with
  3. inky paw prints
    22 Mar, 2019
    inky paw prints
    While taking a short course at University of Washington Extension, I was able to stay for a few days with friends in Seattle.  I wanted to get in some practice while Drucynda and Kevin were at work so I set up my large slant board on their dining room table and arranged my tools and paper. In an effort to protect a bottle of india ink from possible interference from their little kitten, I carefully placed it behind the slant board. I was deep in concentration when the kitten ran under the slant

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